Today I raced and failed, but I was still proud of myself. I had fun and that's more important. The best part was when I saw my friend Kaelin on top of the podium! I wish I got podium!
Today was awesome but I did not try my hardest so I did not do good on my race. I got 28th place. I wanted to get 1st place instead. A nice surprise was seeing Sophia race with the girls group. 
Today we trained off of Siberia Express. It was an awesome day! I wish I was still training right there right now. I had the best time ever.
Today was the day we flew back home. I was really excited to show my medal to my mom. First, we ran to put our luggage on the plane. Next, we ran through security. Then, we ran to our flight and barely made our flight.
On Friday I had my NASTAR race. First, I got up and ate breakfast. Next, I got dressed. Then, I carried my skies to a trail that leads to the run. Finally, I put my skies on and skied to the run. It was amazing to watch my brother race and then to do my own race. We ended the first day in 2nd and 3rd place.
On Thursdayday we trained for our NASTAR race. I got to train with my little brother. It was snowing so we barely got any runs in. It was a windy day. Dad, I and Jackson decided to do down to the village and get something to eat after training. We went to this restaurant called Slice and they served pizza. I got a Coke and my brother got a Shirley Temple. It was a fun day.
On Wednesday me and my little brother had to wake up at 3 A.M. We traveled to Colorado for a race. The race is called the NASTAR Championships. The drive from the airport took four hours. It was a long day.
On Tuesday, me and my little brother skied at Squaw Valley. We trained off of Siberia with our coach Hilari. After training, we free skied a little bit more. Then we went home. Next Hilari came over to babysit us. It was fund to be with Hilari that day.
I like legos.I like to build legos.I like to collect them.
I wold like to see a husky.